Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seattle Bubble, Months of Supply, Alternate View

Re: Comment #21 in Seattle Bubble, Months of Supply- April:

billruben, were you thinking of something like this? You can select a region and it will filter to all areas, or select an area and you'll see only that point.

With Tableau, you can set a highlight or a filter action upon selection. In the original we used a highlight action, which means that all the data stays in the view and therefore the axes didn't resize. When you use a filter action, like here, the axes resize to accommodate the selected data.

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  1. Something's strange about this one. When everything is selected it looks like it's showing every month as a point in the lower-right graph. But when you select just one region, it suddenly drops to a line with just three points, March 07, March 08, and March 09.